On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of GASTROBAR SABORES and AQUARIUM RESTAURANT, a project has been signed to give visibility to the inclusion of extraordinary people who are part of the “Fundación Personas-Asprona Valladolid”.

The project is reflected in several activities and projects:

1. Huerto Moga: Ecological and Accessible. Sustainability values are shown in an organic garden, located in the "Dos Pinos" center of Valladolid, where inclusion is reflected with the special care of the people at the day center.

Grupo Moga, contributes with a 1000€ for the garden refurbishment and the purchase of materials, tools and seeds. The production collected is incorporated into the seasonal dishes of the restaurants in Valladolid.

2. Solidarity Dish. 1€/person is donated for every “all peeled” seafood paella, or its version of fideuá ordered at the restaurants. All proceeds go entirely to “Fundación Personas” to promote different projects.

3. Labor market inclusion. Grupo Moga trains and hires people with intellectual disabilities for jobs related to different positions in the restaurant industry.

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Grupo Moga annually donates a 1000€ to the Foundation to achieve the cure of childhood leukemia.

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The Sonsolidario event welcomes thousands of people every year in “La Cúpula del Milenio” (Valladolid).

In this event, Grupo Moga and Rioluz Gastronomía are in charge of the catering service for the attendees. All proceeds are donated in full to the Food Bank of Valladolid.

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At Grupo Moga we believe in job opportunities for everyone. This is why, we participate with the employment plan of the Red Cross and Cáritas in order to enable the access to the labor market.

We offer different internship programs to promote young kitchen and floor staff. 

We provide the best training possible that will lead to a job contract. We help people who have most difficulties to enter into the labor market, improving their profile through the strengthening of professional skills.

Both institutions work together sending all CVs of people who receive training in their centers to our HR Department, which also invest time in different employment & orientation talk.

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In 1992 the Order of San Juan de Dios founded the Special Employment Center San Juan de Dios in Valladolid.

Since then, people with disabilities have secure access to a job. Thanks to their commitment in waste management, we have them as authorized organization for waste & vegetable oil collection.

In addition to these duties, we invite you to find out the different activities they do: